How Much Does A Front Bumper Repair Cost?
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How Much Does A Front Bumper Repair Cost?

The average cost of a front bumper repair is $1,000. Front bumper repair costs ranged from $500 to $1,500 in the US for 2019 according to ReveMoto. Most costs will depend on your vehicles make, model, and the severity of your collision.


Your Front Bumper

A vehicle’s bumpers have one purpose: protecting the rest of your vehicle from damage. They absorb a lot of the impact and damage in low-speed accidents, while the rest of your vehicle remains safe. In a sense, they’re designed to be broken. Usually, this means that they can suffer severe damage, even in minor accidents.

Bumpers are usually replaced instead of repaired, even low-speed impacts can cause damage to your bumpers. A lot of modern bumpers are made up of a structural support section, a foam shock absorbing section, and a plastic cover. If there is not much damage, you might only have to replace the cover and potential the foam underneath.

Cost to Replace a Front Bumper

Replacing your front bumper involves the removal of the old bumper, checking for underlying damage, and replacement with new parts. Usually, this involves the cost of the parts, labor, and painting. Depending on your vehicle and how bad your collision was, your cost to replace a front bumper can be between $500 to $1500 for basic replacement and upwards of $5,000 or more for repairs and replacements that require more extensive work.

Some vehicles bumpers may cost more to replace. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that the bumpers on some small car models don’t sufficiently protect vehicles from damage in low- speed collisions, and will suffer more extensive (and costly) damage than just the bumper.

Related Bumper Repairs

When your front bumper is damaged, some parts of your vehicle may take on damage as well. This can be due to the angle of the collision or as a ripple effect because of the impact. If you’re replacing your front bumper, inspect your headlights, grill, and other front-end parts that can be easily damaged.

In addition, more serious accidents could cause some underlying structural damage. If you need to repair or replace the structure underneath your bumper cover and foam, your costs will be higher. Other damages including the radiator, suspension, and engine are difficult and will be more costly as well.

Using Your Insurance to Replace Your Front Bumper

If you need to replace your front bumper, it’s likely because of an accident, whether you’re at fault or someone else. Do you use your auto insurance? It all depends on the situation, as well as an estimated cost of the repair.

If you’re not at fault for the collision, don’t wait to claim the repairs on the other party’s insurance. Usually, your repairs will be paid in full with no cost or other downsides to you.

However, if you’re at fault, you’ll have to weigh your options if you’d like to use your insurance to pay for the repair or not. If you don’t have collision insurance, you will be accountable for paying any repairs you’ve caused without any help from your insurance company.

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