How Much Does Rear Windshield Replacement Cost?
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How Much Does Rear Windshield Replacement Cost?

On average the cost of a rear windshield replacement is $325. Rear window replacement costs ranged from around $200 to $450 in the US for 2019 according to RepairPal. Estimates do not include taxes, fees, and labor costs.

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Rear Window Damage

You’re just running some errands, just carrying on with your day, when suddenly – Bang! Something has hit your car’s rear window. Now there is a small crack – and it’s only a matter of time before a massive crack develops.

Or maybe you were in collision, where your car was rear-ended by another vehicle. Your rear window is completely shattered, its unsafe to drive without one, not to mention it’s not so good for the look of your vehicle, so you’ll want to repair your rear window right away.

Replacing Your Rear Window

Replacing your front windshield is possibly the most common vehicle replacement type, but sometimes the rear windshield can also take damage. Just like with your front windshield, costs will vary based on things like the vehicle make, type of glass that is going to be used, be it aftermarket or OEM, and the degree of the damage.

Look Into Your Insurance Deductible

Before you file an insurance claim, compare the cost of the repair or replacement to your deductible. If the repair or replacement cost is going to be lower than your deductible, then your insurance agency most likely will not pay for the repair. However, if the repair cost is higher than your deductible, and you do decide to file an insurance claim, now is a good time to do it. Your insurance agency will tell you whether the repair is going to be covered or not.

Rear Window Replacement Process

Your car’s rear window can be replaced through a fast and easy process that takes just a few simple steps that are done out by an experienced windshield replacement technician.

  1. The technician will begin by check the vehicle rear windshield to see the degree of the damage.
  2. The damaged window is removed from the rear of your car.
  3. Any left-over glass pieces are removed and cleaned out of the car.
  4. New sealer and rubber stripping are then installed.
  5. A new (aftermarket or OEM) rear windshield is installed.
  6. The technician will test the new rear window for its efficiency and will make sure that it won’t have any technical defects or problems defrosting.
  7. After that, your car will get completely cleaned of any glass pieces that could still be leftover.

When a damaged rear window affects your safety, our technicians are available for same-day service to you get back on the road safely. Turn to Impact Auto Body for your rear windshield replacement and know you are getting the best customer service and that your rear window is double-checked to meet rear window installation requirements.

Impact Auto Body Offers Rear Windshield Replacement In Mesa

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Impact Auto Body offers windshield replacement in Mesa, at reasonable rates and a lifetime warranty on all of your auto glass needs and a Customer Service Index always at 97% or above. Our shop serves Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Apache Junction, Arizona. Call us today for an appointment at 480-325-5035



Windshield Replacement Cost
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How Much Does Windshield Replacement Cost?

The average windshield replacement cost is $220. Windshield replacement cost ranged from $100 to $400 for the US in 2019.


Driving a vehicle with a broken windshield is a dangerous proposition. You will certainly not have full visibility when driving and you can even be ticketed for driving with a damaged windshield. It is by far best to immediately fix the problem to ensure your safety and that of your passengers.

When you have comprehensive insurance, the costs are fully covered minus the deductible on your car insurance plan. Conversely, if you want to pay without involving insurance factors that will affect pricing and both the repair and replacement cost.

Luxury and collectible cars can cost up to $1,500 to replace a windshield. Here are some of the factors when considering a windshield replacement:

  • Model and year of the vehicle.
  • Make of car.
  • Wipers and sensors,
  • Location and type of damage.
  • Preferred service brand.
  • Glass type being utilized.

Luxury models like Mercedes Benz and Lexus require specific windshields that will increase the cost of repairs, however, popular models, for example, Honda, their windshields are often kept in stock by repair shops and sold for prices that are very competitive.

Windshield wipers for different models and makes, as well as rain sensors and other glass sensors, may also impact the final price. Some cars have more sensors than others. Windshield replacement costs can vary, depending on the make and model of the vehicle but the procedures for installation are usually very similar.

The location and the extent of the damage may also alter the cost you will pay. Selected damage that is minor can warrant a speedy repair versus a full replacement, so make sure you clearly decide what is the correct choice for your vehicle. Generally speaking, front glass replacement is usually more expensive than replacement of the back glass that averages $200 to replace with the cost ranging from $100 to $300 for the US in 2019. However, a vehicle that sports special molding may add up to 20% of the total cost for the repair.

Another consideration is the kind of glass being utilized. Lower cost windshields, classified as aftermarket cost around $100 less and they have the advantage of taking less time to repair but the disadvantage of possibly popping out during a collision. Quality glass from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is by far the safest and uses the same grade of glass as when it was originally built and is by far the most recommended option.

Selecting a company with a good reputation does not have to mean higher costs to get the services of their highly skilled and trained technicians, but it does ensure you will receive a quality repair. Make sure you ask about the performance and quality of the products on offer and before committing to a fix, read through customer reviews.

Windshields are categorized as safety devices as it adds strength to the structure of your vehicle and supports the performance and inflation of passenger side airbags. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure a top grade repair is performed when replacing your windshield. The proper installations procedures and quality of the auto glass adhesive are just as vital as the windshield quality.

If you are working to a budget an exciting option may be home adhesive kits. However, if the application is not performed correctly it can lead to wrecks, leaks or adding to the expense, further repairs. It is essential to understand there are many different brands and kinds of adhesive to choose from. The type of adhesive used determines the waiting time until it is safe to drive your vehicle once more. In a similar way, a faulty or improper installation completed by any general repair shop can cause windshield separation from the vehicle when an accident occurs, the result being your airbag becomes useless.

Choosing a company with a  great reputation and insured and certified specialist technicians should always be your primary option. Impact Auto Body experts usually can do a same day windshield replacement. To achieve the best result, as we discussed earlier, the installation should be completed with OEM glass to ensure the best results and highest standards are met.

Only trust your vehicle to businesses who extol and follow these professional standards:

  • Carries adequate levels of insurance.
  • Follows all instruction from adhesive manufacturers.
  • Provides a detailed record of completed work and a written warranty.
  • Solely use products meeting standards set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS.)
  • Use certified and trained technicians.

Windshield Replacement Costs Without Insurance

The average windshield replacement cost without insurance is $220. Windshield replacement cost without insurance ranged from $100 to $400 for the US in 2019.

Impact Auto Body Offers Windshield Replacement In Mesa


Impact Auto Body offers reasonable rates and a lifetime warranty on all of your auto glass needs and a Customer Service Index always 97% or above. Our shop serves, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek and Apache Junction, AZ. Learn more about windshield replacement in Mesa. Call us today for an appointment at 480-325-5035



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Windshield Replacement Benefits


If you are looking for Windshield Replacement Benefits, this post should help!

Every now and then your windshield will receive damage from pebbles, stones and any other materials flying around on the roads. Trained windshield repair technicians usually only take about 30 minutes to repair a windshield. However, if your windshield is beyond repair, windshield replacement is needed. Learn more about the benefits of windshield replacement below.

Cheap Windshield Replacement

Most insurance companies in Mesa, Arizona offer free windshield replacement as long as you have auto glass or windshield coverage. This keeps you from having to pay 100’s of dollars to get your windshield replacement. Furthermore, most auto glass companies offer affordable windshield replacement services so your replacement shouldn’t cost you too much money either way.

Keeps You Safe

Your windshield is the #1 thing sitting in between you and the road. If you have large chips or cracks in your windshield, you are putting yourself in danger. The integrity of your windshield is compromised and you should have it repaired or replaced right away to avoid danger. The integrity of your windshield is important to your safety and the safety of other drivers.

See The Road Better

A cracked or chipped windshield can create visibility problems. This means that you may no be able to see the road adequately. Drivers need to have a clear view of the road to avoid potential accidents.

Creates A Better Seal

A cracked windshield can allow moisture and heat to makes its way inside your vehicle. In Arizona this can be a problem due to the extreme heat. This can cause your air conditioner to have to work harder to keep your car cool.

Keeps You Legal

Did you know that it is actually illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in Arizona. Doing so could get you a ticket. The last thing you want to do is to get pulled over because of your windshield. Then you still have to get it replaced and pay a ticket. Keep you and your car legal by getting your cracked or chipped windshield replaced right away to avoid getting a windshield ticket.

Schedule Windshield Replacement or Repair In Mesa, Arizona

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Schedule your windshield repair in Mesa or windshield replacement in Mesa today by giving us a call at (480) 325-5035.

Windshield Replacement FAQ
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Windshield Replacement FAQ


Here we answer the most common questions about windshield replacement.

What methods of payments can you accept for Windshield Replacements?

Impact Auto Body accepts all major credit cards, checks and cash.

What does my free windshield replacement quote include?

Your free windshield replacement quote always includes the cost of labor, windshield glass and state & local taxes. Any additional required moldings may be an extra charge. However, the windshield tech will let you know of any additional charges that may occur before starting the project.

Is my windshield repairable or does it have to be replaced?

Is the windshield chips or cracks are larger than a dollar bill, you will have to get your windshield replaced. Any cracks or chips smaller than a dollar bill are most likely repairable. Receive a free windshield quote to find out if your windshield is repairable by scheduling an appointment.

Can Impact Auto Body repair longer spider cracks in my windshield?

As we mentioned above, as longer as your windshield damage isn’t larger than a dollar bill, we can repair it.

How does the windshield replacement process work?

Windshield repair or replacement involves treating the damage with special tools and resin material to seal the crack or chip.

How long will it take to repair or replace my windshield?

In most cases, a windshield repair can be done in about 30 minutes. Windshield replacements usually take around 60 minutes.

Schedule Windshield Replacement or Repair In Mesa, Arizona

Schedule your windshield repair in Mesa or windshield replacement in Mesa today by giving us a call at (480) 325-5035.

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